Mr Timothy Maurice Webster

Timothy Maurice Webster is the Author of four brand leadership books and Columnist who consults & speaks on the science of Human & Brand Behavior- with an emphasis on three key leadership pillars; Values formation, Behavioral/ Style Manifestation and Brand Influence. Timothy, American, has been working in Africa and emerging markets since he was 30years old- with a background in branding, design and psychology is inspired by his graduate studies at the Image Institute (2003) and his studies at Brookstone College, US (1996).

His leadership ideas inspire dialogue and asks his stakeholders (readers, clients) to go to the outskirts of their consciousness in order to consider new scope for their personal and organizational brands. His research is particularly influential in the following Professional Leadership Pillars- Executive, Public Influence & Gender Equality. His passion for youth inspired him to structure the youth leadership foundation www.armabrand.org equipping youth from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to see themselves as engaged citizens with inherent capacity. His clients are what he terms 'influencers'- those who shape our society (politicians, professionals, high profile entertainers, artist). 

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