Dr Joey M. Chifamba

Dr Joey M. Chifamba is a nano-pharmaceutics expert and applied industrial chemist both by qualification and experience. He has extensive experience in both the industrial and academic sectors in pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals and industrial processes. Dr Chifamba has worked as the R & D manager and as the factory manager for Unilever and as the manufacturing director for the Silchem pharmaceuticals group. He is a founding director for Cornelder industries and the Applied Dermal-technology Research and Innovation Centre (ADRIC). Joey is also currently the nano-medicine key resource person for the Zimbabwe International Nanotechnology Centre (ZINC) and the nanotechnology reviewer for the Zimbabwe council for higher education (ZIMCHE).


Industrially, Dr Chifamba has vast geographical working experience including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia, Kenya, Middle East, India and the UK. Chifamba has lectured at various universities in Pharmaceutical nanotechnology, pharmaceutics as well as pharmaceutical industrial processes. Dr Chifamba is a widely published researcher whose main research interests are in product development for interventions in neglected tropical diseases. He spends most of his leisure time outdoors, over-landing and also enjoys, art, theatre and playing various musical instruments.

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