Fanie Hendriksz

  Mr Fanie Hendriksz

Mr. Fanie Hendriksz is the Managing Director of Right ePharmacy, a subsidiary of Right to Care, to which he brings 17 years of experience in the South African healthcare industry. Leveraging his entrepreneurial orientation and expertise, he brings unique insights and innovative thinking to the pharmacy sector. His focus is strategic collaboration with key stakeholders and technology providers and the alignment of innovative and customised technology to enhance problem areas in the dispensing, distribution, and collection of medicine, to the benefit of patients. Mr Hendriksz served in various senior management and strategic positions, as director, consultant, shareholder, board member, and executive committee member in the retail- and courier-pharmacy sector, as well as the pharmaceutical sector in South Africa. He is also a qualified pharmacist and member of SAPC and PSSA. Mr Hendriksz will link Right to Care’s innovations and pharmacy automation projects to support patient and pharmacist needs through its innovative Remote Automated Dispensing Unit (RADU) and pharmacy automation solutions. 




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