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Ms Nadia Bukhari
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Nadia Bukhari BPharm, FHEA, FRPharmS, PG Dip Pharm Prac, PG Dip Teaching & Learning in Higher Ed. Senior teaching Fellow in Pharmacy Practice, Pre-Registration Co-ordinator, Head of Alumni Relations, UCL School of Pharmacy, London. Nadia graduated from the School of Pharmacy, University of London in 1999. She started her professional career as a community pharmacist as a pharmacy manager at Westbury Chemist in London. Nadia then moved on to work for Bart’s and the London NHS Trust, London as a clinical pharmacist in surgery. It was at this time she began to have an interest in teaching, as part of her role involved the responsibility of being a teacher practitioner for the School of Pharmacy, University of London. Two and a half years later, she commenced working for the School of Pharmacy, University of London as the pre-registration co-ordinator and the academic facilitator. This position involved teaching therapeutics to Master of Pharmacy students and assisting the director of undergraduate studies. Whilst teaching undergraduate students, Nadia completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmacy Practice and her Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching in Higher Education and is now a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She then took on the role of the Master of Pharmacy Programme Manager, which involved the management of the undergraduate degree as well as being the pre-registration coordinator for the university. Since the merger with UCL, she has now taken on the role as a Senior Teaching Fellow in pharmacy practice which involved her leading on the final year practice module. She has also recently taken on the exciting role of head of alumni relations for the school. Nadia has many responsibilities within her Professional body, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. She is the chairwoman for the Pre Registration conferences & was the Foundation programme development lead pharmacist on secondment for 6 months. Nadia has an avid interest in pharmacy research. Her area of research is Pharmacy & Leadership and she is now in her 4th year of her PhD. She is also a renowned author for pharmacy. Her interest in writing emerged in her first year of working in academia. 9 years later, Nadia has authored seven titles with the Pharmaceutical Press. Nadia is the Founder for the Registrations Assessment Questions series and the Pharmacy Registration Assessment Questions series at the Pharmaceutical Press, London. Nadia is a mentor for emerging young leaders taking active interest in their development and building their skills.Her leadership skills as the Chair for the RPS Pre-reg Conferences have been outstanding. Nadia had many visions in order to make these courses a success. Due to her excellent leadership skills, these are now shared visions within the team. She has developed inexperienced members of the team and has increased their confidence in public speaking. She has inspired and motivated others in order to achieve the best results. The feedback from delegates has been exceptional, endorsing the success of Nadia’s leadership and organisation. Nadia is a very well-known within the profession and is a role model for many students, newly qualified pharmacists and experienced pharmacists alike. She has been found to be inspiring by the future and young pharmacists. She leads by example and has encouraged many to push their personal boundaries beyond what it traditionally means to be a pharmacist. Through all of her activities and engagement on committees she has earned a well-known reputation as a leader within pre-registration training in the profession. As an educator, she is connected to the voice of the youth. In this role, she has empowered pharmacists to build a better future for the profession. Nadia is extremely dedicated to her profession. She wants to make a difference in the world of pharmacy and by inspiring the future pharmacists and acting as an exceptional role model, she has been achieving that. In 2015, Nadia was awarded the status of Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society for her excellence and contributions towards the profession. She is the youngest female and youngest Asian to be awarded this accolade.





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