Humphrey Zukisa Zokufa


Managing Director,
Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF), since November 2005.

Humphrey Zukisa Zokufa holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of the North, a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a Post-doctoral Fellowship from the University of Minnesota, St Paul Ramsey Medical Center, Minneapolis, USA.   These studies were funded by the Fulbright Program administered by the American Embassy in South Africa. He is presently registered with the South African Pharmacy Council as a Pharmacist and a Specialist in Clinical Pharmacokinetics. He later obtained a Diploma in Health Management in 1997 from the University of Cape Town, funded by the Oliver Tambo Fellowship.

Dr Zokufa championed the successful establishment of the Medicine Pricing Committee and the introduction of the medicine price controls in South Africa, in 2003 as provided for in the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act 101 of 1965. He is also currently appointed by the Minister of Health to be a member of the Medicine Pricing Committee (from 2003 to date). In January 2005, Dr Zokufa was appointed to the position of Registrar: Medicines Control Council (MCC), within the National Department of Health, Pretoria. He reported to the Chairman of MCC, the Minister of Health and the Director-General of the Department of Health.

He has been part of various international delegations to other countries, including the World Health Assembly in Geneva, under the leadership of the Minister of Health. He was appointed in November 2009 by the Minister of Health to be a member of the National Health Insurance Ministerial Advisory Committee. In December 2015 he was appointed by the Minister of Health to be a member of the gazetted Workstream 4: Looking at the Role of Medical Schemes in the NHI environment.

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