Johan Raats

Mr Johan Raats






Mr Johan Raats is the owner of Porterville Pharmacy (Porterville) and practicing PCDT pharmacist. He is a Fellow of the PSSA (1992) as well as Honorary Life Member of the PSSA National and the PSSA (CWP) Branch. Johan was the past Chairperson of the CPS Sector PSSA (CWP) Branch and member of the Branch Committee. Further to this Mr Raats is a Member PSSA-CWP Branch; and was Chairman of the PSSA Boland Branch 1995-1997 and President of the PSSA for 2001-2003. Johan achieved Runner-up status at Boehringer Pharmacist of the Year competition during 1994-1998. In 1989 he was awarded Business Man of the Year - Porterville Afrikaanse Sakekamer. Mr Raats was the runner-up for Business Man of the Year of Porterville in 2000. Further to the above achievements Johan is an elected member on Pharmacy Council, he serves on Pharmacy Council CPI, CPD and Practice Committees. Johan serves as Councillor in Lamberts Bay, Porterville, Bergrivier Municipality and West Coast District Council with an Alderman status. From 1988 – 2005 he was the Mayor in Porterville and Bergrivier Municipalities. Johan held the position as Speaker of Bergrivier Municipality until 10th August 2016. Mr Raats was nominated as a member on the Oversight Committee of Bergrivier Municipality that will be acting as a watchdog from 2016 – 2021.





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